【Bike】客製化鈦合金旅行車(Customise Titanium Touring Bike) Part2–ongoing

上週收到了Thomson 27.2mm x 250mm的坐桿以及star nut(在台灣俗稱梅花)之後,趁這個週末將單車走線、調整變速、碟煞。不過因為還缺少一個1cm的前叉墊片,現在車子還是不能上路。

Last week I received the Thomson 27.2mm x 250mm seatpost and star nut. I installed both of them as well as adjusted brake/shift during this weekend. It was almost done, however, I still cannot ride this bike, because I am waiting for the last missing piece: 1cm fork spacer.


Because I have serious back pain, this touring bike has the different setting from my previous road bike. There is almost no handlebar drop. But my Fuso steel road bike has 5cm handlebar drop just like my previous road bike (So I rarely ride it…). The 650B wheelset with the small frame has better ratio than the 700c one.
2017-05-07 13.12.59

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【Bike】客製化鈦合金旅行車(Customise Titanium Touring Bike) Part1–Beginning

經過了漫長的九個月等待,終於拿到了我的客製化鈦合金旅行車車架。自從2014年去義大利騎單車旅行之後,我就越來越確定自己不會再參與比賽。我想要的是一台能陪我上山下海到處流浪的耐操旅行車,這樣的念頭催生了訂做鈦合金碟煞旅行車的目標。期間曾經survey過Independent Fabrication, Firefly, Hampsten, kualis,但是這些廠商訂做鈦合金旅行車架並不便宜,不包含S&S coupler就要US$3500起跳。這樣的價格我實在是花不下去,且還有其他事情要忙,因此訂做車架的事情也就一直擱著。

After the whole 9-month long waiting, I finally received my customised titanium touring bike frameset. Since I went toruing-cycling in Northern Italy with Bottle in 2014, I am very sure I won’t attend cycling race in the future anymore. I want a reliable and portable touring bike which can be with me around the world. Because of this idea, I want to customise my own titanium touring bike. I’ve surveyed some handmade bike factories e.g: Independent Fabrication, Firefly, Hampsten, and kualis. However, the customised titanium bikes made by these factories are really prohibitive. The price is usually up from USD$3,500, and it’s not including S&S coupler. I cannot afford this price, and meanwhile I was busy on other things, so this idea was pending.

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2017年對於想要辦理紐西蘭技術移民的人來說又即將迎接重大的改變(官網原文),這也是繼去年10月12日調整分數之後的第二個重大調整。此次的技術移民(skilled migrant category)政策主要有三個改變:1.薪水限制、2.配分方式調整、3.取消部分項目的加分。新政策會於今年8月14日開始實施。

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【旅行】Ollantaytambo,前進Macchu Picchu的前哨站


2014-10-31 11.34.43

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[WP] How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress?

SSL plays an important role in website, because in the last year Google announced that they will be using HTTPS and SSL as a ranking signal in their search results. This means that using HTTPS and SSL will help improve your site’s SEO.

Using an SSL certificate for your WordPress site means that your data, as well as your users’ data, remains safe from prying eyes. Since WordPress is a particularly large target for hackers due to its popularity and transparency, it’s important to take all the appropriate steps toward securing your site.

If you host a wordpress website by yourself, you may need to install SSL certificate on your website. I found a simple way to install SSL certificate through commands and the most important thing is this SSL certificate is free. Oh yes, you need to have the basic knowledge of SSH, Linux and Bash.

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Flight Price Check using KAYAK Trips 好用機票比價工具


以前會用Adioso來做機票票價提醒–可彈性設定旅遊長短,不固定日期之下來找低於預設價格的機票。但Adioso沒有提供多乘段(Multi-city)機票比價的提醒。後來想到之前有寫過KAYAK Trips旅遊管理的功能,就來試試看KAYAK找機票的功能。這一試下去,發現善用Trips的功能,就能達到多乘段(Multi-city)機票比價。雖然沒有email提醒,但也可以方便比價做紀錄。 Continue reading

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