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Month: May 2017

【Bike】客製化鈦合金旅行車(Customise Titanium Touring Bike) Part 2–ongoing

【Bike】客製化鈦合金旅行車(Customise Titanium Touring Bike) Part 2–ongoing

上週收到了Thomson 27.2mm x 250mm的坐桿以及star nut(在台灣俗稱梅花)之後,趁這個週末將單車走線、調整變速、碟煞。不過因為還缺少一個1cm的前叉墊片,現在車子還是不能上路。

Last week I received the Thomson 27.2mm x 250mm seatpost and star nut. I installed both of them as well as adjusted brake/shift during this weekend. It was almost done, however, I still cannot ride this bike, because I am waiting for the last missing piece: 1cm fork spacer.


Because I have serious back pain, this touring bike has the different setting from my previous road bike. There is almost no handlebar drop. But my Fuso steel road bike has 5cm handlebar drop just like my previous road bike (So I rarely ride it…). The 650B wheelset with the small frame has better ratio than the 700c one.
2017-05-07 13.12.59

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