【Bike】客製化鈦合金旅行車(Customise Titanium Touring Bike) Part 1–Beginning

【Bike】客製化鈦合金旅行車(Customise Titanium Touring Bike) Part 1–Beginning

經過了漫長的九個月等待,終於拿到了我的客製化鈦合金旅行車車架。自從2014年去義大利騎單車旅行之後,我就越來越確定自己不會再參與比賽。我想要的是一台能陪我上山下海到處流浪的耐操旅行車,這樣的念頭催生了訂做鈦合金碟煞旅行車的目標。期間曾經survey過Independent Fabrication, Firefly, Hampsten, kualis,但是這些廠商訂做鈦合金旅行車架並不便宜,不包含S&S coupler就要US$3500起跳。這樣的價格我實在是花不下去,且還有其他事情要忙,因此訂做車架的事情也就一直擱著。

After the whole 9-month long waiting, I finally received my customised titanium touring bike frameset. Since I went toruing-cycling in Northern Italy with Bottle in 2014, I am very sure I won’t attend cycling race in the future anymore. I want a reliable and portable touring bike which can be with me around the world. Because of this idea, I want to customise my own titanium touring bike. I’ve surveyed some handmade bike factories e.g: Independent Fabrication, Firefly, Hampsten, and kualis. However, the customised titanium bikes made by these factories are really prohibitive. The price is usually up from USD$3,500, and it’s not including S&S coupler. I cannot afford this price, and meanwhile I was busy on other things, so this idea was pending.

去年年初,瓶子發現了一家價格讓我比較能夠負擔得起的俄羅斯手工車廠,有接受鈦合金跟鋼管車訂製(跟builder全程用英文聯繫,所以不建議英文不好對車架細節又不熟的人自己弄)。但是因為中間要準備搬來紐西蘭,直到去年七月初才開始跟frame builder聯繫,討論車架與零件的細節。八月初確認訂單付訂金,十一月初才收到S&S coupler。而因為外胎與車架間隙不夠,也將BB shell從傳統的BSA改成T47。十二月上旬完成車架初模,四個月就這樣過了,接著又無消無息。

Last January, Bottle found a Russian handmade bike factory, which is located in Moscow. This factory can make customised titanium and steel bike, and its price is affordable for me. Because I would move to New Zealand last May, I started discussing the frameset detail with the frame builder since last July. In the first of August, I confirmed the order and payed the deposit. After the frame builder received the S&S coupler from the United States in the November, he started making my frameset. Meanwhile, he found there was no enough clearance between tyre and chainstay, so he changed the BB shell from the traditional BSA BB shell to the T47 one. Last December, I finally saw the initial frameset.

反正剛搬來紐西蘭有很多事情要忙,我也不急著拿車,就慢慢地等待等待。今年的一月下旬,builder來信說現在在弄cable stop,這時離車架完成的日子不遠了。 🙂

This January, the frame builder told me he was working on the cable stops. I couldn’t wait to see my frameset!



In the end of February, the surface of frameset was finished. This time I chose matt finish. (I chose the glossy one for my last customised titanium road bike)

三月初builder寄給我最後完成的照片,照片中包括Velo Orange的泥除、前貨架以及前貨袋。三月九日builder將車架組從Moscow寄出。

In the beginning of March, the frame builder sent me the final photos. The frameset, Velo Orange fender, front rack and handle bar bag were included in this photo. Then frame builder shipped my frameset on 9th of March from Moscow.

車架到達紐西蘭之前完全不知道它飛到哪裡去了,tracking number完全查不到車架的下落。builder跟我都很怕郵局把車架弄丟,跟郵局聯絡了好幾次。後來車架終於在4月9日抵達海關,4月15日時抵達我的手中。

Before the frameset arrived in New Zealand, I didn’t know where my frameset was. I couldn’t use tracking number to track anything. The frame builder and I were afraid that my frameset would be lost. We tried to contact the post office, but got no update regarding my frameset. After the frame builder filed the complaint for the post office, my parcel was arrival in New Zealand custom on 9th of April, and I received my frameset on 15th of April.
2017-04-15 14.31.16

車架到了卻是另外一個煩惱的開始。這個車架會沿用我從雲豹公路車上拆下的零件,但是手邊完全沒有安裝頭碗跟底座的工具(之前在台灣都是跟車店借)。本來已經準備好要花錢請車店安裝(安裝頭碗跟crown race的價格為NZ$29),謝謝瓶子找到如何使用土炮暴力方式安裝頭碗組,因此省下了這個工錢。瓶子在Bunnings發現了這個原本用在木門上的超長螺絲,再搭配兩個Square washer之後就變身成可以壓頭碗的DIY的工具。

Although I got my frameset, I had no suitable tool for installing headset and crown race. Thank Bottle for finding this special long thick screw (it’s originally for timber door) in Bunnings warehouse, so that I could save NZ$29 labour rate. This special screw with two square washers can be the simplest headset installation tool.

但是事情哪有那麼簡單……如果DIY工具真的那麼好用的話,Park tool幹嘛還要出安裝頭碗的專用工具?一開始我嘗試將頭碗放在車架上後鎖緊螺絲,嘗試了N次,頭碗壓進去車架時就是會歪掉。後來林祖媽我實在是一整怒了062,直接用橡膠槌把頭碗打進去車架,歪了就把它打平。頭碗咬住車架不會晃動之後,我才改用DIY工具迫緊頭碗。

However, this DIY tool is too difficult to use. If this kind of DIY tools is useful, Park Tool doesn’t need to make the special tools for bike. I tried to install headset using this DIY tool shit in many times, but I had no idea how to press it evenly. I lost my patience, then… I used plastic hammer tapping the headset into the head tube. Anyway, after fighting with headset for a while, it was pressed into the head tube.

裝完了頭碗後還得打crown race才能裝前叉,因此我在Bunnings買了一支32mm的PVC水管,天真的以為只要用這個敲幾下就可以敲好了。

After installing headset, I had to install crown race into fork. I bought a 32mm PVC tube from Bunnings warehouse, and I thought I could use this for installing crown race. Well… I was really too naive…

林祖媽我又錯了。用這根PVC管敲crown race花了我洪荒之力,連橡膠槌都斷頭。敲了N次之後才把crown race打進去。我之前在車店工作好幾年,從來沒有敲過這麼難敲的crown race!

I was wrong again. In order to install the crown race, I made an all-out effort. As I tapped this PVC tube, my plastic hammer was broken due to this damn crown race……

原本以為頭碗跟crown race裝完就可以裝前叉跟龍頭把手,沒想到,頭碗上蓋竟然壓不下去。挖哩勒這前叉是非要搞死我不可嗎?雖然頭碗上蓋裝進前叉時會有一點緊度,但是我從來沒遇過完全壓不下去的。不得已只好又用土炮暴力法,拿出剛剛的PVC水管將上蓋敲進前叉裡。下次拆前叉會好麻煩啊……

I thought I could assemble fork, stem and handle bar with frame after installing headset and crown race. But… I didn’t expect that I couldn’t press the headset cap into the fork!! (the headset cap usually can be pressed into fork by hand) I had to use the PVC tube again… I used to work in the bicycle shop for a couple of years, but I’ve never had this kind of circumstances before..

最後終於將前叉、龍頭把手都裝在一起了。雖然土炮工具可以安裝好頭碗跟crown race,但是真的是他X的很難用,完全不推薦。若施工不當造成車架或零件毀損本人概不負責。

Finally, I assembled the frame, fork, headset, crown race, stem and handle bar. Although the DIY tools can be used for installing headset and crown race, it’s really a shit. I don’t recommend anyone using this way.


Then installed the fenders, front rack and handle bar bag. I tried to install the rear rack, but it would be affected by the post of rear fender. So I have to find another way for installing rear rack.

Velo Orange的便當袋相當的復古,個人很喜歡,且可以搭配Velo Orange的前貨架固定。

I really like this Velo Orange handle bar bag. It can be integrated with the VO front rack.



Then installed crankset, chain, front/rear derailleurs, shifters, paddles, wheels and disc brakes. My old KCNC seat post cannot be plugged into the new frame. I had no idea why it happened.. Sigh… There was no problem with my old frame and old KCNC seat post.

安裝非常方便的T47 BB,用手鎖緊即可。

The T47 BB installation is very simple and easy. All you need is this wrench.
2017-04-11 17.40.43

2017-04-23 14.54.07


The initial installation is finished. The next and final stage well be installing rear rack, star nut, inner/outer cable and adjust brakes/gears (as long as the star nut arrive in New Zealand). Hope I can ride my new bike as soon as possible or the winter is coming soon.

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