【Bike】客製化鈦合金旅行車(Customise Titanium Touring Bike) Part 2–ongoing

上週收到了Thomson 27.2mm x 250mm的坐桿以及star nut(在台灣俗稱梅花)之後,趁這個週末將單車走線、調整變速、碟煞。不過因為還缺少一個1cm的前叉墊片,現在車子還是不能上路。

Last week I received the Thomson 27.2mm x 250mm seatpost and star nut. I installed both of them as well as adjusted brake/shift during this weekend. It was almost done, however, I still cannot ride this bike, because I am waiting for the last missing piece: 1cm fork spacer.


Because I have serious back pain, this touring bike has a different setting from my previous road bike. There is almost no handlebar drop. But my Fuso steel road bike still has 5cm handlebar drop just like my previous road bike (So I rarely ride it…). The 650B wheelset with the small frame has a better ratio than the 700c one.

之前使用的Sram Force 10速前變常常要調整很久,這次索性換成Sram Rival 22 Yaw前變,果真好調整非常多。

I am fed up with managing 2010 Sram Force 10s front derailleur. This time I decide to use Sram Rival 22 Yaw front derailleur. It’s really much better than the old one.

這次的外管使用的是以前剩下來的Jagwire 5mm編織管,非常的硬,彎折不易,所以使用了roller輔助變速。

This Jagwire 5mm outer cable is too tough to bend, so I use a roller working with this tough cable.

這是瓶子從日本帶回來的Grand Bois Lierre 650 x 36B外胎。

Bottle bought this Grand Bois Lierre 650 x 36B tyre from Japan a couple of years ago.

S&S coupler旅行車的走線最特別之處在於變速線跟煞車線要可以被分開,也因為如此,使用了比平常多的變速線和剎車線。

The most special thing for S&S coupler touring bike is every shift/brake inner cable can be split. Therefore, I need to use more shift/brake inner cables than usual.


I love this Triton star logo pinned on the headtube.

TRP Spyre雙邊作動的拉線式卡鉗,也是個人的第一組卡鉗。雙邊作動的好處是煞車較好調整且制動力比較好。

The TRP Spyre is a dual sided mechanical disc brake calipers where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. They are also my first disc brake calipers.


I chose black dropout. The wheelset, handlebar, stem and seatpost are all black as well.


Even though it’s a touring bike, it should be elegant.

整車實測重量10.4kg(包含泥除跟前貨架但不包含Velo Orange的便當袋)。這個重量我很滿意,因為Fuso鋼管車空車不含土除跟前貨架就要9.6kg了。接下來最大的挑戰就是要騎著它出去旅行。

The total weight is 10.4kg (it’s including the S&S coupler, fender and front rack except the handlebar bag). I am really satisfied with it, because my Fuso steel road bike is 9.6kg, which it’s not including fender and front rock! The next big challenge is ride it for touring.

Frame & Fork: Triton Titanium Handmade Frameset
Headset: Chris King 1 1/8″ NoThreadSet
Stem & Seatpost & Seatpost Clamp: Thomson Elite X2 7cm stem & Thomson Elite 27.2mm x 250mm
Handlebar: Pedalsoft 7075 39cm
Groupset: Sram Force & Rival & Apex
Disc Brake: TRP Spyre with 160mm disc
Wheels: Shimano XT Hubs Handmade Wheelset
Tyres: Grand Bois 650 x 36B
Saddle: Fizik Arione Donna Bicycle Saddle
Cages: King Stainless Steel Cage
Pedal: Shimano PD-A600
Front Rack & Handlebar Bag & Fender: Velo Orange


After installing everything, I started working on the rear rack. I cannot install rack directly because of the rear fender. I have to do some tricks on the rear fender.




Attached the Ortlieb pannier.

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    1. I don’t think so. 官網上寫的是650 x 36B. 請參考文章內附的連結。也有可能Grand Bois出了36B跟38B兩種規格,但不管怎樣,我的是36B的。