And Then You’re Gone (But Now I’m Back) 然後你人就不見了(但我現在回來了)

在這Valentine’s Day倒是想跟大家分享Pink Martini這兩首挺有趣曲子 (要看歌詞)。關於這創作起源請看NPR訪問

所謂,It takes two to tango。

首先女方 (Maria) 唱


You come to see me on a Saturday 有次星期六你來看我
Presenting peonies* knowing just what to say 帶著花知道該說些什麼話
We dance until the break of dawn 我們跳著舞直到黎明
I turn my back and then you’re gone 我轉個身,然後你人就不見了

(* peony是芍藥。這個是取自中文成語,”採蘭贈芍” 喻贈禮以示相愛。《詩經·鄭風·溱洧》:維士與女,伊其相謔,贈之以芍藥。)

You think I miss you each time you disappear 你認為你每次消失我就會想念你
Maybe I used to but it’s becoming clear 也許我是這樣但我也漸漸看清
I know your tricks I‘ve heard your songs 我知道你的把戲我聽過你的歌
You swear your love and then you’re gone 你起誓保證你的愛,然後你人就不見了

Remember last time it was a perfect day 記得上一次天氣很好
You took me sailing and then you sailed away 你帶我去坐帆船,然後你就駛離了
Now here you are outside my door 現在你在我門外
You want back in just like before 你想進來就跟以前一樣
Well save your breath don’t make me yawn 你省省你的口舌別讓我打哈欠
You’ve had your chance now just be gone 早就給過你機會,現在給我消失吧



So here’s what happened 所以事情是這樣的
When you were napping 當你在午睡時
I just went out for a snack 我只是出去打食
I was feeling famished** 我覺得我很飢餓
And then I vanished 然後我就消失
But now I’m back 但我現在回來了

(** 這個其實還有別於字面上的意思…)

You know I love you 妳知道我是愛妳的
Dream only of you 夢中只有妳
So please, 所以,拜託
Please cut me some slack 拜託就放過(原諒)我吧
I went away 我離開
Just a couple of days 只不過才幾天
But now I’m back 但我現在回來了


Maria, baby, 瑪莉亞,寶貝
I guess that maybe 我猜也許
You’re still a little angry with me 妳還是有點在氣我
But it’s getting late and 不過現在有點晚
The boys are waiting 我的朋友還在等
Gotta get something to eat 得去找點東西吃

I better go now 我現在得走了
I hope you know now 我希望你現了解
I love you, that is a fact 我愛妳,這是個事實
Gotta hurry 得趕快
But don’t you worry, babe… 但寶貝妳別擔心
‘Cause I’ll be back 因為我將會回來


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