Le Douze Cents in Central France in 2012 法國中部1200k

Map from Le Douze Cents

l’ UNION CYCLOTOURISTE de TOURAINE 將於7/23-7/27/2012在法國中部舉辦一場新的1200k路線。這路線涵蓋的地區雖不是很有名但風景優美。有興趣的,請注意官網 “Le Douze Cents” (i.e. 1200)的公告。

Rando Group讀者回覆:

Peter: The riding here is amazing and tough. There is very little that is flat and some beautiful gorges.

Ian: Some of the climbing was steeper than you will typically find in the Alps. Overall we really enjoyed the landscape and quiet back roads. If they route the event on minor roads I think it could be worth considering.

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