【Bike】Cycling records between Dec 2016 and Feb 2017

I cycled a few times with Bottle since last December. On the last day of 2016, we rode to Albany and then rode along the East coast road to Milford.


Right now I only have 7-speed traditional steel bicycle, and the shifters were installed on the down tube (The pink bike in the photos). Roads in Auckland are just like rolling ones, so my hands are always very busy on shifting! Although my hands are busy when I ride, I always love rolling course. After short climbing, there is always a descent.

We rode towards the north to Albany on 7th Jan, and Bottle was breathless when we climbed on the half of Dairy Flat Highway. So we decided to turn back. Maybe we can ride here again next time.

I had another cycling with Bottle on 21st Jan. This time we rode to the west of Auckland (Hobsonville) via Greenhithe. Hobsonville is not far from Beach Haven, we even can see Hobsonville from Beach Haven Wharf. Because there is no bridge connecting Beach Haven and Hobsonville, it means we have to go around to Hobsonville.

▼Greenhithe bridge

Rode to Hobsonville again on 4th Feb, nothing special.

Rode the same route as last 31st Dec on 5th Feb, but it was reversed this time.

We rode to Greenhithe again on 12th Feb, but this time we were not just passing by. We took some beautiful photos and took some rest here.

Although there are many Asians living in Auckland (around 23% of Aucklanders), I didn’t see any Asian cyclists when I rode. Most of cyclists I’ve seen in Auckland are white. Does it mean Asians who live in Auckland don’t like cycling?

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