【Bike】First go riding solo: 大山背 & 寶山水庫

I considered many times where to go today, finally, I decided to go riding to “大山背”. Last time I rode to “大山背” on July 14, 2012 with Bottle, and this time I’ll ride on the solo path.

Although I’ve been living in Hsin-Chu for more than half a year, this was my first time to go riding solo. As a result of relying on Bottle be my GPS in the past, it took me so much time to check the map today. I couldn’t recognize the route that I have ridden before…?

Firstly, I followed up the map to 竹東, then……I didn’t know why I rode to 竹林大橋. When I crossed the 竹林大橋, I realized this was a mistake, but I didn’t want to turn back. I kept progressing toward to 內灣, and tried to turn right somewhere that fixed my route toward to 大山背.

I checked the map many times till I rode on the correct route, and I saw a funny warning sign.
▼Beware of frogs!!!

▼A small waterfall

I kept climbing till I arrived in 樂善堂. I always remember last time I thought I would be dying of thirst here….XD

▼On my way to 樂善堂

▼Nice view, I love it!

I climbed to 寶山水庫 through 公園路, the grade was over 7%, I felt so tired that I rode very slowly. Finally, I went home through NTHU and had a nice ending.

Today’s route:

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